Heather & Sam

May 5, 2016

Heather and Sam are all kinds of adorable. They are such a sweet and thoughtful couple, not only did they insist on serving us a full roast beef dinner (Yum!) but they are the first couple who actually sat us with their guests (who had us crying with laughter!)

I first met Heather at the Vintage Wedding Fayre in Hereford. I loved everything about Heather's look and when she told me that her and Sam were planning to have their wedding reception in their local I actually asked her if I could photograph her wedding (well, actually I emailed her after the fayre as I'm kind of shy when it comes to these things!)

I couldn't have anticipated how awesome these two would look (or, how much I would well up when Heather walked down the aisle to Imelda May's version of Falling In Love With You Again.)

Have a peek for yourselves...

(full suppliers list below the photos)

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Ceremony venue: Hereford Town Hall
Heather's Dress: Honeypie Boutique
Hair accessory: Rock Rockabilly 
Wedding ring:  Bloody Mary Metal
Shoes :  T.U.K
Sam'sSuit:  Gibson of London
Shoes: Next shoes from Next
Wedding ring from Carbon6 rings
Bridesmaid dress: Lindybop