Sarah and Justin // Walcot Hall Wedding, Shropshire

Sep 30, 2019

In the book, How to be a Woman, Caitlin Moran suggests that we’ve got the whole wedding thing the wrong way round.  That “surely we would decide to throw a gigantic […] celebration of love right at the end of the whole thing, when we’re in our sixties and seventies, the mortgage is paid off and we can see if the whole ‘I love you forever’ thing actually worked out?”

Now, Sarah and Justin didn’t decide to wait until their sixties and seventies, but they did have a twenty-six-year engagement before their wedding day and, I have to admit, I think Caitlin Moran might just be onto something.

Foregoing almost every single wedding day trope, Sarah and Justin got ready together, walked down the aisle together, and read their speeches together.  Hand in hand, as partners.

There was no white dress, no bouquet, no confetti, or cake cutting, but there were poems, and laughter, and happy tears and love. So much love. 

I hope you all adore this Walcot Hall wedding just as much as I do...




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