Jemma and James // The Hundred House Wedding, Shropshire

Jan 21, 2020

I first met Jemma many moons ago when we were both temping for the NHS. I had a stash of coffee bags in my desk drawer (whatever happened to coffee bags?!), she had a stash of fig rolls in hers. You could say we were destined to be friends.

Jemma is the kind of person that always remembers when you have something going on and messages to make sure it went ok, the kind of person who turns up with a spare breast pump when you manage to break yours and still have five hours of a wedding left to shoot, the kind of person who buys you flowers on their wedding day.

When I bumped into Jemma and James at the photography show a few years back, (they have a wedding photography business too), it was obvious she was smitten.  When Maisie arrived in 2018 their family was complete and their gorgeous wedding at the Hundred House Hotel was simply the icing on the Parma Violet cake. 

The thoughtful touches and surprises during this day were off the charts.  James made a video and sneakily saved it to Jem’s iPad, so she could watch it on the morning of the wedding.  Jem’s Mum also spent hours pre-recording a beautiful and heartfelt mother of the bride speech, and Jem’s brother completed the sneaky video antics by arranging for Aston from JLS to send a video congratulations message. As Jemma said, her fifteen-year-old self went crazy! 

Days like these. Gestures like these. People like these. They are what it’s all about. 

I didn’t even mention the neon

Go see for yourselves…



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