Wedding at Iscoyd Park, Shropshire

I have been wanting to photograph a wedding at Iscoyd Park since, well,  forever.  To finally get there with these two was a dream.  As Poppy and Ashley said  ‘Iscoyd park was the first venue we visited and loved it so much we didn’t bother looking anywhere... read more

Wilde Lodge Wedding, Powys

Amy and Carl had initially planned to have a house party vibe for their wedding, but they couldn’t find a house big enough. The solution was Wilde Lodge.  With the option for everyone to camp onsite it lends itself perfectly to a festival wedding.  The guests... read more

Wedding at The Courtyard Venue, Oswestry

  How stunning is this Courtyard Venue wedding?  Katie and Ben chose The Courtyard Venue in Oswestry for its simple, natural and relaxed feel.  “The renovated barns are rustic, but with their white washed walls, they feel unlike other traditional barn... read more

Wedding at No 131 Cheltenham

After multiple date changes Rhian and Oliver decided to switch up everything and go for an intimate wedding at No 131 in Cheltenham. Not only did this make me feel very adventurous  actually leaving Shropshire, but I was super excited as Cheltenham is where I first... read more

Rosina and Liam // Homme House Wedding, Herefordshire

Homme House in Herefordshire has catapulted it’s way to the top of my favourite wedding venue list.  There’s something extra special about country houses that have been in the same family for generations, they are bursting with character and charm that... read more

Lydia and Pete // Davenport House Wedding, Shropshire

Tell me, what’s the most romantic thing you can think of?  In my mind, the hearts and roses type of romance never quite cuts it. For me, the ultimate romantic gesture has to be the mixtape.   Lydia and Pete gave all of their guests (and me) a mixtape (ok CD) as... read more