How would you describe your photography style?

If pushed, I’d describe myself as a creative, documentary, wedding photographer.  I’d much rather capture your day naturally, as it unfolds, rather than presenting everything in an overly posed way.

I love movement, storytelling, and all the little details that make up your day. I see photos as little nudges for your memory, to remind you of what you saw and how you felt.  

If I had to choose then I’d go for emotion over perfection every. single. time.

While I shoot most of the day in an unobtrusive, documentary style,  I also love to work with the two of you to create some gorgeous portraits.  I still aim for these to be authentic rather than posed.   I’ll scout out a backdrop that I think looks good and get the two of you to interact in front of it. Nothing cringe-worthy –  I promise!

I also understand that there are more traditional parts of the day that need capturing in a simple, timeless manner. I always include the “mum shot”  a straight to camera, smiley portrait and I always get a mixture of group shots. Some with everyone lined up and smiling at the camera and some with more interaction.

Can I request certain images to be taken?

Absolutely!  Once you’ve booked I will send you over a details questionnaire. In it, there is a section that allows you to specify any important images that you wish to be taken and to detail all of your group shots.

Do you limit the number of group shots?

Nope!   I will look over your timeline and advise you if I think you have an unrealistic amount of groups, but I will always try to get them all covered in the most efficient way possible.  A good rule of thumb when planning is to allow five minutes per group.

Once you’ve decided exactly what you would like then I’ll produce a running order and request a couple of helpers to make the whole thing run as smoothly as possible.

How much time do the portraits take?

Again, this one is really up to you.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE taking portraits, but I also believe that your wedding is not a photo shoot.  You’ve spent a huge amount of time (and money) on your day and I wholeheartedly believe that you should be able to enjoy every single moment of it.

With this in mind, I generally recommend taking 15 minutes, for portraits, as your guests are busy being seated for their meals, and 10 minutes as the sun starts to set. 

If you want to do any more or less than this, then that’s cool too. 

I really dislike having my photo taken - do you have any tips?

As someone who is incredibly awkward in front of the camera, I’m totally with you on this and I’ve got your back!

It’s always my aim to get you interacting so that your attention is firmly on each other and not me, or the camera. 

Once I have your photos I’m ruthless with the editing and I promise no unflattering ones will ever see the light of day! I’ll even give you control over your gallery, so if there are any you don’t like you can remove them before sharing with friends and family.  

We don't do PDA - is that a problem?

Not at all. I do like my couples to get in close to one another other, but I am never going to ask you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.  All I ask is that you let me know your own personal boundaries and shout if anything feels awkward.

What would happen if you were unable to make a wedding?

I’m lucky enough to be part of a network of Midlands based photographers who are all awesome.  On the very rare occasions that life happens and one of us is unable to make a wedding day then we step in and arrange cover (and all the money details) to limit the impact on you as much as humanly possible. 

I can’t promise that something awful won’t prevent me from being at your wedding, but I can promise that I will never leave you stranded without a professional photographer.

Are you insured?

Yes, I’ve got Public Liability Insurance and a PAT certificate for the photo booth equipment. Should your venue request copies of these please let me know and I’ll mail them over.

What backups do you have in place to protect my photos?

Here’s a quick rundown of my workflow process:

I shoot with two camera bodies, each of them have dual card slots. This means that two copies are made of every single photo I take on your wedding day.

Once back in the office, I’ll copy these files onto two external hard drives.  I then store one of these drives and one set of the memory cards off-site until your final gallery has been delivered.

I then cull your wedding images and edit the selection. The edited files are uploaded to an online gallery in full resolution for you to download and store. The gallery is available for one year after your wedding after which point you are responsible for the safekeeping of the wedding images.

How long after the wedding will we receive our photographs?

The week after your wedding, I’ll send you a little sneak peek of your day.  These photos will be added to a gallery, so that you can download them to use in thank you cards, or share online.

The full gallery will be delivered to you 8-9 weeks after your wedding.

How will my images be delivered?

I upload all the high res image files into an online gallery. Within this, you can make favourite lists, download image files or purchase prints. 

We don't want any of our photographs to be published online. Is this a problem?

Not at all. Please do let me know during the planning process. Likewise, if there are certain family members or children that can’t have photos published online then please let me know. 

What do you wear?

My go-to wedding outfit is a black jumpsuit, or dress.  If you have any dress code requirements then just let me know.

Do we need to feed you?

The short answer is no. Food of any kind is always appreciated but, unlike a lot of photographers, I don’t include hot meal provision in my contract. There is a space in the wedding details form where you can let me know if food will be provided, or if I need to bring my own.

What's your booking and payment process?

Once I’ve received your booking form I will create you a client access login on my website.

In this, there will be a contract, your invoice and the wedding details form which can all be completed online.

A £200 deposit and a signed contract is needed to secure the date and the remainder of the payment is due 30 days prior to your wedding.

I’m Charlotte, it’s lovely to (virtually) meet you!

I’ve put together a list of the questions that I’ve been asked by couples. If there’s something that I haven’t covered, or anything you would like more details about, please do get in touch, so we can arrange a chat.