Wilde Lodge Wedding, Powys

Oct 11, 2022

Amy and Carl had initially planned to have a house party vibe for their wedding, but they couldn't find a house big enough. The solution was Wilde Lodge.  With the option for everyone to camp onsite it lends itself perfectly to a festival wedding.  The guests arrived on Friday night and stayed over until Sunday morning as it was important to Amy and Carl to give everyone a chance to really catch up.

The three words No Wedding Portraits can strike fear into the heart of a wedding photographer, but I have to admit I loved being able to capture Amy and Carl's day completely naturally.

Having legally married in London, Amy and Carl were free to plan their ceremony exactly as they wanted.  Two friends acted as officiants, the wedding bands were passed around to all the guests to be warmed and everyone joined in with a rendition of Tiny Dancer.

Amy wore the most amazing green gown hired from GIGIs rental and a flower crown from the Rhos Organic . Their friends from Klose and Soan did the catering offering up the largest portions of the most delicious wedding food.

"I think both of us would say the most important thing Is having a load of our favourite people around having a lovely time."

Are you thinking of getting married at Wilde Lodge or having a completely unposed wedding?  Please do get in touch 

You must've seen her

Dancing in the sand

And now she's in me

Always with me



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